IKON Gallery – Tony Arefin

I was lucky enough to visit an exhibition at the IKON gallery in Birmingham, which showcased the work of graphic designer Tony Arefin. Here is a summary of the exhibition on the gallery’s website; http://www.ikon-gallery.co.uk/programme/current/event/599/the_graphic_design_of_tony_are/

I wasn’t aware of his work before I saw the exhibition, however in my 2 years spent at college before this university course, the photography course required that we study a few lessons of graphic design every week and during these lessons I learnt more about typography and graphics. I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of those lessons, however I do now have more appreciation for typography and so this exhibition interested me.

I learnt more about his work after seeing the exhibition as his work was interesting to me. He was a graphic designer who produced many fine art magazines in the 1990s and worked as chief editior of a magazine named Frieze.

This article is a really good description of the exhibition and his work ; http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/blog/tony-arefin-the-graphic-design-of-tony-arefin-ikon-birmingham/

I think what I liked most about his style of work is the smart ideas of the work, and how the words and what you see don’t always mean the same thing but he makes his point well. He also uses a minimal style which I think makes his work what it is and that is why it can be seen as affective.

Although it seems as though he is not as well known as others who do similar work, I think that his work is just as interesting as other graphic work I’ve seen and I really enjoyed being educated in the work he has done.


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